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Monday, August 30, 2010

Rich Women Wear Thongs

A Nordstrom's Rack opened up near us last week. Nordstrom's is an upscale department store, and the Rack is their outlet store. Much excitement.

Of course I went.  While I'm not the Thrift Queen, I can say with conviction that I qualify as a Thrift Princess. There were lots of women's pants suits (good if you work) and nothing fit to wear to a morning wedding (needed for March). What there was, was beautiful underwear. (Faint of heart, cease reading now.) I selected two beautiful bras, the kind with lace and ruching, bows and little jewels. *great sigh of satisfaction* I thought how nice it would be to have pretty underpants that, if they didn't match, at least coordinated with my new under splendor. That's when I made my discovery.

There were racks of lovely, pastel pants, again with ruffles and bow and tucks and lace, but, BUT there were no briefs. I thought surely, surely somewhere, hidden on a bottom rack or hanging against the wall, would be some briefs, beautiful or not. Nope. None, nada. The only conclusion I can draw is that wealthy women, the kind of women who regularly shop at Nordstroms before their clothes make it to the Rack, wealthy women wear only bikinis and thongs.  Their bodies are no slimmer and trimmer than mine, yet the evidence leads me to believe that skimpy, belly-cutting panties are their undgraments of choice.  What's up with that?

If you're retired, you have time to ask such deep, meaningful questions. (See how cleverly I tied this topic in to the theme of my Blog?) And then you drive over to Sears.


  1. Oh well, they may be rich, but they'll have one hell of a Visible Panty Line.

  2. Or maybe they bought up all the comfy stuff which is why the cheese-wire is in the outlet?

  3. I went to Victoria's Secret once to buy some bras, only to discover, to my chagrin, that I was "too large" to buy bras at Victoria's Secret. To add insult to injury, the two female clerks working there were much larger than I!