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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Big Hole

My mother thought churches and synagogues were wonderful places to build community, find friends and enjoy activities. They were places where a person could be included, and she was very big on  everyone being included. However, she wasn’t much for actual religion.
When my brother visited my Mother a couple of days before she died, he had a question for her. Although he was pretty sure he knew the answer, he felt he should ask it.

“Mom, would you like to see a Rabbi?”
She opened her tired eyes and looked at him with a sardonic expression on her face. He leaned down to hear her soft words. “Dig a hole.”


  1. So now you (and I) are the top slice of bread in our generational sandwich. Would you like to be white? rye? pumpernickel? wheat? Chalah? Shall I go on?

    Its a very odd feeling to be the next one up

  2. Your mum sounds as though she was a great lady. I had a similar response from my gran today on my tentative suggestion that she may need to employ a cleaner. Light touchpaper and stand back ....