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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Hindenburg

One of the dancers took photos at the reception after my mother's funeral. She kindly e-mailed them to me. At least, she thought she was being kind. Now, I have a thin, small face. I have wide shoulders and rather large, um, accoutrements. I wore the skirt to a black suit and a grey, white and pale pink, sleeveless blouse I that goes under the suit jacket although it was waaaay too warm to wear the jacket. Well, those pictures let me see how wrong I was to wear that blouse by itself.

Yes, there I am: a pinheaded blimp. Okay, okay, it's not quite that bad, but, I won't be wearing THAT combination again. Still, it got me thinking how stupid people look with their heads balanced up there on top of the whole shebang. Wouldn't people look more balanced, more elegant with their heads placed somewhere else?
I envision humans with their heads tucked neatly between their shoulder blades. That makes so much more sense. You'd avoid a lot of those nasty concussions that way, you know. The hard knocks would be taken up by all that surrounding bone and tissue. I guess we'd have to have some sort of swivel mechanism, or else we couldn't turn our heads to look over (or under) our shoulders.
So here's my question. Where do YOU think people's heads should be situated? (Oh, and when the comments question asks for "account," all you have to put is your e-mail address. It's your e-mail account, see? Really, what were they thinking?)  (Oh, and if you sign up to be a follower, I think you can get an e-mail informing you when I post.  Isn't that what everyone needs to make their world complete?)

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  1. If I remember rightly, when the first explorers set out to discover the New World, they came back describing people whose heads were between their shoulders in exactly the way you describe. No wonder we began to get the wrong idea about foreigners. Like your blog - and your choice of design shows SUCH good taste (can you guess what mine is?....)