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Sunday, August 1, 2010


    Sometimes I have difficulty getting to sleep at night.  I limit myself to Ambien once a week at most as I don't want the habit nor the addiction.  I try to direct my mind away from obsessive looping of disturbing topic to more relaxing ones, like my Perfect Grandchildren.  A couple of nights ago, I just couldn't focus, and it popped into my mind to think about cows. 
     Cows.  Now, I have no connection to cows whatsover.  Hmmm, not exactly true.  I eat beef, and I love ice cream, but on a personal level?  No.  Wait, wait!  I have one sentimental connection to cows.  When I was a little girl, if we drove through the countryside and saw cows, my Dad would moo.  My Dad had the best, loudest most authentic moo you ever heard outside of an actual cow.  It was wonderful!  Other than that, there is no reason I would think of cows as a relaxing, neutral subject.
     Cows aren't bad tyo think about.  I went to a sort of Ben and Jerry place in my imagination with black and white cows resting in the meadow, following sweet grass and chewing contentedly.  It's not something you can think about for very long, but it did break the more neurotic loop and allowed me to drift off. 
     Do you think there's some commercial application to this?

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