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Friday, August 6, 2010

Even When They Cry

Twenty-four hour nursing care began for my mother this morning. That is how you can tell how ill she really is -- in any state of wellness, she would not accept help. Today she became bed-ridden and drifted in and out of lucidness.

Her two dance demonstrators came to see her one last time, and she was able to carry on a short conversation with them. They came out in tears and told us how much the "girls" (you have to be over 55 to take the class) loved her.

"They love her so much. Even when she yelled at them. Even when she made them cry."

She made them CRY? That didn't stop the flood of cards and letters (I can only describe them as love letters) every birthday and Christmas.  They love her devotedly.

She didn't make anyone cry today. All the tension gone from her face, she was incredibly beautiful.

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