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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Popcorn WITH Butter

Have you noticed how many good movies came out over the winter holidays? I usually go to four or five movies over the course of a year (God save Netflix!), but I saw five (5!) over the break, surpassing the norm within a month. In case you haven't seen them, I thought I'd give a quick overview of each.

Megamind: Great for the 3 – 9 set. The phrase, "That was a bad idea," is hysterical to a three-year-old.  Adults can sit through it without pain.

Tangled: A perfectly charming way to comb out the snarls. Kudos to Disney for finally featuring a prince equally as important as a princess.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I: I'm a Ravenclaw, and it's all TRUE.

The Black Swan: Odette. Odille. OH, No.  Doesn't work as a ballet movie nor as a psychological thriller; save your money.

Narnia, The Dawn Treader:  World's Best Sea Monster! 

The King's Speech: Brits stuttering are better to listen to than American s not. Plus they can act, plus it has a good script.
Yet to come: Tron and True Grit


  1. The kings speech was fabulous! Ok ok I'm an anglophile but still..fabulous.

    What about Marnix? Didn't you go to see that too?

  2. Never heard of it. Now I will have to add it to my Netflix list to be seen in -- what am I up to? -- 2015.