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Monday, January 17, 2011

Santa Rides Again

I know that the Christmas holiday is over, and it seems a little out-of-season to be writing about Santa Claus, but, you know, we all do what we can do, when we can do it.  Here is my story about my little Santa Claus. 

About a million years ago (okay, about 25 years ago) , I saw the most adorable pattern for a tiny stuffed Santa and Rudolf.  I bought some cute Christmas fabric and, even though stuffing is my least favorite craft activity, I made them up.  They were SO CUTE!  Being slightly (yes, really, only slightly) obsessive and because they were so cute, I made all the reindeer.  At the 5 & 10 – which, when they existed, were the most wonderful stores in the world  --  I found a small rattan sleigh.  I wrapped some tiny boxes (did I mention the slightly obsessive thing?), bought a tiny ornament sack labeled "reindeer feed," and Santa flew across the coffee table or book case every Christmas, in the past fifteen years witnessed by my children's dolls and stuff animals gathered under the tree.  However, the past few years, we were either in Russia or at Pumpkin and Pie Boy's house, and so Santa and the dolls stayed smushed in the plastic tub (yes, with cedar slats).

Last December we all barreled down to Disney World so just Steve and I were here for the holiday.  However, Pumkin and Pie Boy were here for Thanksgiving, so the next day I pulled out the tub the next day and put out Santa while they arranged the toys around the room (alllll around the room).  I was sad to notice that Santa's fabric was splitting down the middle of his back and his cotton beard, which I'd been vowing to replace for many years, was grayer and more more sparse than ever.  When I re-packed Christmas, I held Santa back for repair.

 I inserted a piece of Stitch Witchery under the bright cotton on his back, smoothed the fabric over it, and ironed.  This did a lovely job of fusing the fabric together.  Unfortunately, it also melted some of the stuffing, making Santa's back stiff as a board.  He now sports excellent posture.  I clipped his beard close and deep in the recesses of my linen closet found the old roll of bandaging cotton.  I don't think this stuff is even sold any more, and you certainlywouldn't want to use this particular roll (opened since 1982) for an open cuts or abrasions or anything really.  I don't think I've even used it for crafting since Santa's first beard.  There it was, though, cleverly forgotten in the back beyond.  I cut a piece, glued it in place andpulled and fluffed it. 

Santa is repaired!  The man, the myth, the jolly old elf rides again in his full glory!  And he's still really cute.

And, for a fuller picture, here's Santa, Rudolph and Cupid -- 'cause what's Christmas without a little love.

(Lookit me!  *puffs with pride*  I uploaded pictures!)

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  1. Yay! I grew up with that Santa EVERY year. I love that Santa and remember playing with he and the reindeer very happily. Fond memories. I'm glad he rides again!