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Monday, January 10, 2011

Stinky Shears

Have you had the delight of hosting stink bugs?  As I'm sure you know, they are the latest invasive species to cross our boarders.  No fences or patrols or tough laws will keep them out. 

At the end of the summer, we had quite a few.  Then it got really cold, and the infestation abated.  It warmed up again, and we had a lethargic few appear now and again.  At one point, our eating area lamp, which hangs like a bowl, had six or seven burnt up ones nestled inside.  Steve got the vacuum cleaner extension and sucked 'em out. 

Now it's cold again, and they haven't been much seen until today.  Today I decided to try some different curtains in our bedroom.  I took down the flowered valences to find 6 or 7 stink bugs in their folds.  Then I took down the shears.  Oho!  Each panel was a little stink bug highway.  They were strolling up and down at a leisruely pace.  We carefully picked them off (if you sqeeze them, they, well, they stink), Steve gently with toilet paper, me gently with my hands.  No, I'm not squeemish.  We dropped them in the toilet and flushed -- the only way to smellessly get rid of them. 

I've gone around the rest of the house with a feather duster, but the other curtains seem clean.  Those little buggies loved just the green shears.  Maybe the fabric was alluring?  Maybe it held in the heat better?  Maybe it was just the color?  Who knows?  Who cares?  They (the shears, not the bugs) are currently spinning in my dryer on high heat. 

Steve read an article in The Post a while ago that was touting preparation of new dishes based on  invasive species as a way to control their numbers.  No natural preditors?  Let humans step up.  Could I whip up a tasty Kadzu salad with stink bug dressing to complement those odd-looking Asian fish that fill up our ponds?  Well, I COULD, but don't hold your breath.  Espcially if you've just breathed in the aroma of a squashed stink bug.

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