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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sleep on It

We got a new bed.  Like a beloved pet (even Elaine, eventually), our old Temperpedic mattress did -- after 18 years -- die.  Off we went to the Healthy Back Store and bought the updated version.  However, they clerk forgot to mention (or, in our awe and delight, we didn't hear) that there were two depths of foundations.  (Temperpedics are too la de da to have box springs, you know; they come with foundations which are basically big boxes.)  They delivered the 9" high foundation.  We needed step stools just to sink into bed!  I called the store and, with NO PROBLEMS (Healthy Back Stores are wonderful) they made an appointment to exchange it for the 4" foundation. 

So there I was (thank goodness it was the day BEFORE our enormous snow storm), with a freshly ironed, brand new dust ruffle over my shoulder (although why it's called a ruffle when it has a total of three inverted pleats, I don't know, but I'd forgotten to iron it the first time, thinking it would unforld from it's 4 x 6 inch bag smooth and pristine so it had been drooping from the bed a wrinkled mess.  This was a second chance.)  So there I was, standing there, when I had a brilliant idea for  Blog post.  It was something about a blob of something, and then, like a draft through the window, it came to me that that was analogous to a glob of something else.  An idea and a title -- the Blob and the Glob -- all in one swoop.  I couldn't write it down, though, because I was trapped between the end of the bed and the bathroom door while the delivery men were trading the foundations.

They positioned the 4" foundation and I spread on the dust ruffle.  Then they replaced the mattress.  Steve and I showed them out and had a little conversation, and by that time, they idea was gone, wafted away on the mist.  It might come back to me in a dream., though, on my comfy, new, wonderful bed!

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