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Monday, April 2, 2012

Chef Nana

I am here, my long awaited trip to babysit my Perfect Grandchildren while my daughter, accompanied by my son-in-law, attends a professional conference.  The children have been excited.  I’ve been excited!  My four-year-old grandson has talked and talked to his parents about my cooking.  Believe me, this is a surprise to us all. 
Yes, I often have a cooking activity when I’m with my grandchildren.  Once, flipping through my neighbor’s children’s cookbook (she, unlike me, gets great joy and satisfaction from cooking for and feeding people), I found a recipe for banana caterpillars.   They had a great time making them,but at the time, Alan didn’t like peanut butter, so he wouldn’t eat his.  At Christmas, we made a gingerbread house.  (I bought a kit.  On sale).  After the holiday, I put the house down on a clean tablecloth and gave them a hammer.  Bam!  Those things taste like cardboard, but there was enough sugar and candy that they scarfed it down anyway. I’ll stamp out a few cookies with them, too, and let them drizzle them over with watery powdered sugar colored with food coloring.  I can be fun, but I’m hardly the epitome of grandmotherly baking.


In any case,  when he greeted me at the airport, Alan’s first question was, was I going to cook that evening.  No, not for two more days, after his parents left.  I do not not cook when I visit.  I’m not entirely devoid of shame, I do cook when I have visitors, or I, you know, call for takeout.  Still, when we picked Alan up at daycare the next day, the daycare worker said she had heard I was going to cook.  Somehow, I’ve made an impression.

When Alan went to daycare the next day, Suzie, who was on Spring break, went to the older kids’ camp.  I checked with my daughter, "Did you tell them you and their Dad would be gone when I pick them up?"

“What was their reaction?”


So that part was okay.  I picked them up early, still puzzling over what I was going to prepare for dinner.  We played outside for a while, and I settled them in front of a cartoon while I went to work in the kitchen.  Eggs are okay for dinner, right?  Then Egg-in-a hole it is, with the heart shaped cut-outs toasted and served on the side and a few fresh strawberries on the plate.  Suzie was enthusiastic.  Alan glowed.  They ate every bite.

Chef Nana, that’s me.  I may cook with desperation, but you all know the secret ingredient: love. 


  1. So true! Yep, cooking is not your favorite activity Ann but showing lots of love is, and that is what really counts anyways!! Besides, being able to choose the right place for takeout is a talent, and if I remember correctly, you and Steve are both excellent at that!!---Janice

  2. Egg-in-Hole - yummy! You have very lucky grandchildren.