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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Pack My Grandmother's Trunk

Did you ever play this memory game as a kid?  It’s one of those ones where you repeat what the last person said, so if you’re at the end of the line, you end up trying to remember a long list of nonsensical items.  “I packed my Grandmother’s trunk, and in it I put her red stockings, a black petticoat, peanuts, an ironing board, a birdcage, the cat, a giraffe.  It’s sort of how I feel whenever I pack for a trip.

I'm flying off to visit my daughter, and right now I am considering everything that has to fit into my suitcase.  Most importantly, there’s the craft kits I picked up for the children and the lavender mini-little pony for Suzannah that I got with my Happy Meal in Biggs.  Since she’s getting the pony, at the used book store I bought a cardboard book by Sandra Boynton for Alan, What’s Wrong, Little Pookie?  Truthfully, he’s a little old for cardboard books, but I love Sandra Boynton so much, that any excuse is a good excuse. 

Okay, so that’s the kids’ stuff.  Then I will absolutely die if I don’t take my computer.  My Touch sits nicely in my purse so checking the weather or headlines or crossword puzzle words is made easy.  Gotta remember meds and makeup and hair pins.  There’s my toothbrush and toothpaste.

I’ll wear the lighter jacket, but I’d better bring a scarf because it’s the time of year of changeable weather.  Oh, dear, I can’t forget my kit of chargers or bringing all the electronics will be moot.   Speaking of electronics, I need to take the GPS, too, because when Stephanie and Scott are at the conference,  I’ll  take Alan to daycare, and I want to actually get there. 

I used the office computer and printer to check in on my flight (a lovely benefit they offer here which means we don’t have to buy a printer), but that won’t help if I don’t put the boarding passes in my purse.  I’d better do that right now, and because you can starve during air travel these days, I’d best toss in a couple of oat ‘n honey bars as well. 

If I can keep from expanding the suitcase, I’ll save the $25 baggage fee, but I think there’s room for my red flats with the ragged bows in case we go out someplace nice.  Can’t forget my Kindle or life won’t be worth living. 

Got it all.

Oops, I wonder if there’s room for clothes.

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