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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Yummy Yellow Jubilee

Later today, we’re heading back to Washington State.  We’ve had a wonderful time with the Perfect Grandchildren.  There was the dying of the Easter Eggs and two Easter Egg Hunts (one at their house, one at the neighbor’s).  There were the early morning snuggles and the tire swing and the games.  The activity that stands out, though, was Suzannah’s birthday dinner.  We were unable to get here in time for her actual birthday and birthday party, but her parents reserved an evening for a special birthday dinner. 
What’s your favorite meal?  Any meal you want and calories not be regarded.

Perhaps you’re a steak fan and would go for a medium rare fillet with Bearnaise sauce, fresh, crisp green beans with toasted almonds and a baked potato gobbed with butter and sour cream.

Maybe you’re more of a rack of lamb kind of person.  Maybe seeing those little paper hats popping up from plate gets your saliva dripping.  Next to them picture quinoa cooked in broth and a wooden bowl filled with Romaine lettuce and heritage tomatoes.  Shall we toss them with a nice raspberry balsamic vinaigrette?

Or do you eschew red meat in favor of a lobster tail with a pot of drawn butter, asparagus sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and a mound of fluffy jasmine rice?

How about fat scallops sauteed with mushrooms and onions and a nice sticky mound of vegetable risotto?

Wait.  Wait a minute.  You’re not an eight-year-old.  Think back to your childhood where anything complicated was unreliable and anything green entirely out of the question.  Suzannah’s Daddy promised to cook anything she wanted, and Suzie intended to take full advantage of the offer.  She danced around as she announced what I think of as The Yummy Yellow Jubilee, the entire menu being in the color of children everywhere’s favorite meals.

When the wonderful night came, we loaded our plates with macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes whipped with lots of butter and real cream, corn, and sliced my daughter’s homemade bread which waiting to be slathered with more butter.

 For dessert, we diverted from the yellow theme and scarfed down an ice cream cake made of white cake and Oreo cookie ice cream.

Given my druthers of meals, I’d go for the scallops or possibly the lamb, but given my choice of company, I’ll take the Yummy Yellow Jubilee menu with my Perfect Grandchildren.

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