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Thursday, March 15, 2012

From There to Here

I’ve been here two weeks now and am adjusting to Life in the Slow Lane or, more accurately, Life in the Short Lane. 
I had a couple of errands to run the other morning.  I walked out of the apartment at 10:00.  Before getting in the car, I walked to the office and dropped a letter in the mail slot.  Next I went the 15 feet to the car and drove to the credit union where I got some cash.  I drove to Costco and returned a golf shirt Steve thought he might have liked but didn’t.  While I was there, I walked up and down a couple of aisles.  I got back in the car and returned home.  It was 10:27. 

Yes, it took me about as long to do those things as it has taken for me to write about them.  Heck, I’m from Northern Virginia; I’m used to scheduling more time for leaving the neighborhood!

And another thing, sales people here are chatty.  And helpful.  What’s up with that? 

Half an hour to run errands.  That leaves a lot of time left over.  I’ve scheduled an activity four days a week (Monday, Zumba; Tuesday, yoga, Wednesday, quilting; Thursday (evenings, bleh!),  ballet.)  The rest of the time, I’m becoming too well acquainted with daytime TV.  My kitty quilt squares, however, are coming along like a house afire. 

I do have a friend.  Before I left Oakton, even before I met her, I knew she’d be my New Best Friend.  Her husband started work at the same time Steve did.  Yes, I do realize that she’s my friend because she’s desperate, too, but we have a nice time going about together:   lunch, the craft store.  We’ve seen a chocolate shop we want to try next week.  There are other friends out there, right?  I mean, I can’t be destined to a year of Martha and Dr. Oz.  *screaming into the void,* Right?  Because if I am, you, dear reader, are going to die of boredom right along with me.  I’m takin’ ya down with me from there to here.


  1. I would love to have your schedule for about a month. I just may be able to get some things done! Have fun while it lasts.

  2. get Netflix streaming and watch every single thing you want to!!!!!

    I know you..pretty soon you'll be as busy as ever with some project or other

    Who would have thought you would miss traffic!!

    love, teddi

  3. I agree with your wise sister!--go netflixing. And knowing you and all of those activities you'll meet more new friends.Enjoy!