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Monday, January 30, 2012

Grandfather's Prayer

I was crazy about my father.  We all were.  We adored him.  When he was in the army in World War II, his nickname wasn't Killer or Sluggo or Tough Guy; it was Bambi because he had kind eyes. 

When the first of his grandchildren turned 13, my father wrote this wish for his coming of age.  He subsequently gave it to each grandchild at whatever ceremony marked his incipient adulthood.  My daughter received it posthumously, through me, at her high school graduation.  I have given it to other young people as the most important part of a congratulatory gift.  My Dad was quite a guy.

                                Grandfather's Prayer

May you always be upright in character, just in action, yet compassionate; may your life be long and healthy both in mind and body; may your life be full of peace, contentment, and love; may you relish and enjoy whatever activities you undertake; and may you realize your best and fondest dreams.  (Milton S. Winters, below, with a happy grandchild)

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