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Friday, December 2, 2011

Perfect Gift for the Holiday

I received an early holiday present today.  I use the generic term “holiday” because at our house, we celebrate every holiday that floats along.  We light the Hanukkah candles, we decorate the Christmas tree, and we kindle a Solstice log.  We’re big on snow storms, too, knowing that in celebration of getting snowed in, our neighbors they'll make us incredible Irish coffee.
Anyway, the Washington Post just gave me an early present, and I’m so happy about it, I could write them a thank you note.  If you look at the Metro section of today’s Post (page 2, bottom of the fold), you will see a human interest article by ME (Nana finds everyone wins at Kangaroo Bean Bag Hop).  It has to do with my Perfect Grandchildren, of course, and it sports a by-line by ME.  Sure, they had to cut a paragraph to make it fit, but do I care? I do not. 

I wrote and trimmed the text and submitted it, so how is its printing a present?  It’s the gift of readers, the gift of approval, the gift of an ego boost.  For a writer, a present doesn’t get a lot better than that?   
                                 *If I had a picture of me grinning, I’d post it here!*


  1. Loved your article. Such a sweet story about your perfect grandchildren and how lucky they are to have a Nana like you.

  2. Wow, Ann, that's fantastic! As a DC-based writer, I know the Washington Post is one of the most challenging places to get published, especially a personal essay like this. I just went and read your piece (I hadn't gotten to the Metro section yet) and loved it.

    Might I suggest another blog post? One in which you walked us readers through how you pulled this off? :)