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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Close to Paradise

Need one small cake? Need a cone form for charcoal on your grill? Christmas plates? Hanukah candles, truffles (I mean real ones), Wine Away, weird cheese? If you live in the northeast, you know where I’m going with this, or more accurately, where to go.

My husband comes from Buffalo, and his mother lived there for somewhere around fifty years (oh, lord, is that right? I think it is.) As long as Steve’s Dad was alive, he took her to Wegmans every single day. Every day.

Mary lived in their family home for several years after it was wise for her to do so, and we finally got her moved down here in a senior’s apartment near us. She thrived with the move but always bemoaned having left Wegmans behind. Then one glorious day the news arrived: Wegmans was coming! She couldn’t have been more excited.The flurry! The bustle! She and her friends had elaborate plans for getting there early on opening morning. You’d have thought it was the second coming.

I didn’t understand until I walked into our local Wegmans. The cheese “room” alone was staggering. Now I’m a true believer. Do you need something, something rare and esoteric? It’s okay if you don’t believe in Santa. You can go to Wegmans.

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