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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Every Cloud

Our house is 30 years old with a 30-year-old kitchen. I refinished the cabinets about 10 years ago, and we had new, laminate countertops installed, a new sink and new cabinet pulls: the usual self-renovation on-the-cheap.  Now, however, you can see the earlier gouges in the cabinets, the closet-pantry door won't close, and the neon lighting is, well, literally from the last century.  The time has come.  Tuesday the workers are coming to dermolish the kitchen.
Yes, I’m excited about pretty new cabinets and recessed lighting, about the new sink with the fancy faucet.   (We’re keeping the same footprint and our appliances). Mostly, though, I think about four to six weeks of dust, noise and trying to make meals with a toaster oven and an electric skillet. Then yesterday I had an epiphany.
Wednesdays are cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms day. I scrubbed out the sink and polished the stovetop and thought, That’s it! Why do more?  Why bother with the Easter egg dye on the countertop – it’s going to be toast! So what if there’s dust on the windowsill? There’s only going to be more! Why bother sweeping the floor? Tuesday the workers will cover it with plastic and tromp all over it..
Oh, the liberty! Ah, the freedom! It’s amazing how the idea of not cleaning the kitchen for a month has perked me right up! Talk about the silver lining. And there’ll STILL be pretty new cabinets in the end.  

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