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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blog on a Blog

Part 1:  Hey, all!  What do you do if you're living in Moscow for two years?  Write a novel, of course.  I was asked to guest blog on this topic by Patrick Ross who writes a blog about creativity.  You can read it at:     It will give you a flavor of the life of an ex-pat in Moscow.

Part 2:  If you enjoy reading my blog (or, hell, even if you don't), would you become a follower?  (Look to the upper right of the text.)  You don't get any e-mails saying when I post (which some of you have said you'd like) or any spam or, in fact, anything.  However, it would be a huge stroke to my ego if I could get 20 followers.  :)  So, please?  And thank you.

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