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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Political Love Post

It's happened again. I've fallen in love. Since I've been married to the same man for 40 years, you know that this declaration of love is saying a lot for me. My last great crush lasted for about 20 years and was on that wonderful, sexy intellectual Alistair Cooke. He was on TV once a week narrating the BBC's Masterpiece Theater. It was a sad, sad day when he left the show. He was quite a bit older than me, and I was heartbroken when he died. That won't happen again. Eugene Robinson is a younger man.
I have a crush on him because he is smart, writes beautifully, has the same last name as my cousins (okay, I don't really love him for this, but it's cool anyway) and is cute. Robinson doesn't quite have Cooke's amazing level of sexinessss, but, well, he's alive, and that counts for something, you know. While Robinson does guest on television talk shows, he won my heart through his rational and humorous analysis in his editorial in September 21sts Washington Post.
The editorial reported that a well known figure in the GOP (I refuse to give publicicty to any rabble-rousing individuals – even to my limited readership) "issued a thunderous call against . . . American judges trying [sic] to impose harsh Islamic sharia law." *slaps forehead* There have been exactly no (zero, zip) instances of this ever happening, but if it rouses fear to put and keep the far right in power, then that is their only requirement. Facts have never been a gun in the far right's arsenal.
Another fear-mongering tool is the cry I for State's Rights, but it isn't really a call for States' rights. It is a call for the federal government to control individuals. . These do not include medical rights (right to a peaceful death, right to reproductive choice) or personal rights (equal right to marriage).  Oh, no, those rights cannot be trusted to the states.  For example, a current candidate from Delaware who shall, for the reasons stated above, remain nameless is not only against premarital sex or homosexual activity but is against masturbation. This twit not only wants the federal government in the bedrooms of consenting adults but wants to be in your bedroom when you are BY YOURSELF!

Anyway, Eugene Robinson seems to see the same absurdity in the situations – like instilling a national fear of sharia law -- that I shake my head over. What's more, he has the insight and researches the facts that show them for what they are. And for this, I just love him.

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