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Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Shouldn't Have, but I Did

An inexpensive travel clock, an ironing board cover, a not outrageously expensive, small tea kettle. I looked for these products; I really did. I guess I've gotten cheap the way the elderly in my stereotypical vision always did, but I just can't stand to spend the big bucks for these simple items.
I got a really nice ironing board cover at a good discount at Home Goods. It was supposed to fit up to a 54" ironing board, but it didn't, and I had to return it. The ones sold at JoAnn Fabrics had pads at the end that allowed you to sit a hot iron face down on them, and they had zippered compartments that hung over the side although I don't know what those were for. They cost over $20.00! To iron on! I mean, I quilt and do rudimentary sewing, but I still don't need a technologically advanced ironing board cover. I just prop my iron up on its end and move on.

Eddie Bauer had a cool travel clock. At $20 it was a tad expensive, but, I rationalized, it doubled as a flashlight. When I got home, I was disappointed to discover that you need to hold the button down to keep the flashlight on. No setting it on the pillow to read in the hotel room. Its clock could be dialed to every time zone around the world, though. That was really cool! And it had a press light to show illuminate the time in the middle of the night which is a necessity if you're an insomniac (and who over 50 isn't?) and an alarm, too. But when I unpacked it at the shore, the clock didn't work  I returned it to the Delaware outlet, although I won't disclose how many T shirts I bought at the same time. Let's just say I more than offset the cost.

The top to my tea kettle has been broken for years. In point of fact, I haven't used it since we got our single cup coffee maker. That and the microwave take care of all my needs, but my daughter and my sister like to make tea the real way at the proper temperature, with the water truly boiling, so I like to keep one on hand.  I was resigned to being disappointed on obtaining the desired size, design and color all in one kettle, but I tried.  I looked in Home Goods; I looked in T.J. Maxx; I looked in Bed, Bath and Beyond.  No luck.

And that brought me to Target. I know, I know. I vowed, after they gave money to that gubernatorial campaign where the candidate was anti-gay, that I would never darken their doors again. My heart softened when I read their response to the boycotts and complaints. They stated that they had contributed on the basis of the candidate's business stance and had no idea he held anti-gay sentiments. I had to believe them, too, because for them to have done otherwise would have been plain stupid. Of course, I already deemed them pretty stupid for not having done due diligence before making the contribution, but I think I hold them innocent of the greater charge. Still, I never shopped there a lot and thought I would try to hold out.

I can't. I tried to stay away. I really did, but it's the small, everyday items that Target does so well at. A travel alarm, an ironing board cover, a tea kettle. All in one stop, all attractive and reasonably priced, and all at the same strip mall where I had other errands. I blush; I am ashamed; I shouldn't have, but I did it. And guess what? Every one of those items works perfectly. I'm hiding my face, but I am so happy.

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  1. Buying yourself an ironing board cover is fine. My husband once bought me one for Christmas - I nearly throttled him.