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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fairy Tale Frolic

It's the new game that’s sweeping the nation!

Okay, it’s not exactly sweeping the nation since only my children know about it.  But it is a new game,  one I made up myself.  It’s the kind of thing I do when I’m lying in bed at night and can’t sleep.  It doesn’t cost a penny to play, and if you’re a geeky-type person, I swear you will enjoy this one.  I call it

Fairy Tale Frolic.
You think up a fairy tale character and then match him or her to a corresponding pathology.  Ready?

     Cinderella:  split personality

     Sleeping Beauty:  narcolepsy

     Little Bo Peep:  early on-set Alzheimer’s. (My daughter imagines little Bo played a lot of sports in her youth and suffered multiple concussions which took their toll!)

I’d love to hear back from you, Dear Reader, with your characters and their diagnoses.  Let the game begin!

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