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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tyne for a Cookie

Early this morning, I dreamt I was having breakfast with Tyne Daly.  We were in a corner of her kitchen, seated on opposite sides of one of those banquette things, and Tyne (I call her by her first name because, after all, we were enjoying a meal together) served up a plate of toast and chocolate chip cookies. Skip the toast; how often do you get to have cookies for breakfast?  I mean, usually it’s plain yogurt with a banana sliced in, maybe blueberries on a particularly thrilling morning.  Sometimes I have Life cereal which I really like but leaves me a bit (shhh) gassy.  So it’s either yogurt or maybe a hard boiled egg.  The cookie was a delightful trade up.
I took one bite, swallowed and remembered I was scheduled to have fasting blood work.  I awoke appalled, heart aflutter. 
Again, Ann?  Really?  
You see, the dream was a repetition of yesterday (the messing up the blood work part, not the cookie part).  I had an appointment with a new doctor, and in the -- is excitement really the word I want? -- of meeting him, I went through my morning routine of making a cup of coffee with one sweetener and a big blob of milk in denial about the blood work. It wasn't until I drained the last delicious sip that I remembered.  I didn’t eat anything else just in case he decided a blob of milk wouldn’t skew the results (although, yes, I really did know better), so I had the worst of both worlds.  I arrived at the office ineligible for blood work and left my appointment starving.  I planned on returning today, but in between was that horrible, horrible dream.  It was so real that I panicked for a moment.
Anyway, after my heart-palpitations relaxed, I fixed a cup of coffee, black this time.  I toasted an English muffin, topped it with a fried egg  -- no, no, for LATER.  The technician drained a test tube’s worth of blood from my elbow.  I watched in fascination.  I always do.  Five minutes later I was at the dance studio, sitting in the parking unwrapping breakfast.
And Tyne?  Gimme a call.  I’m happy to have breakfast with you any time, especially if you serve more cookies!

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