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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Recovering from a Light Saber Accident

It’s a shame about Luke. He lost his head once, about 20 years ago, and he’s never fully recovered. I tried, heavens knows I tried, but Elmer’s therapy was short term and household cement didn’t last much longer.
Star Wars.

Who knew Star Wars would become a phenomena that lasted generations? Our son lovingly consolidated quite a collection of books, paraphernalia and figures. Star Wars was our go-to theme when shopping for birthdays and holidays. When he was 14 and past the playing-with-figures stage, we found the Millennium Falcon at a garage sale, and he eagerly purchased it. Our Luke, as mentioned before, had a precarious head for a number of years. Leia lost her cloak which was replaced by a piece of white flannel. Helmets and lances and light sabers have fallen to the bottom of the stuff two over-stuffed cardboard boxes in our storage room.
Enter the Perfect Grandson, Alan, age three. Alan has never seen a Star Wars movie. It would scare the pants off him, but the story draws him like a moth to a light saber. He looked over all the toys as the store in Disney World, but once he saw the flash-light, noise-making light saber, it was all over but the purchasing. Oh, and the removing from the package, but that’s another post. (I made the sales clerk dot it – I’m no dummy.)

Last time they visited, when he was 2 ½, I brought up the Jaba the Hut platform and three or four figure.
It kept him occupied for hours.  He knows Jabba from the pop-up books weheld on to.  Now he can make Jabba smoke his hooka (he smokes 'cause he's a bad guy) and throw people in his dungeon with glee.  

This visit, now that he’s a big boy (did I mention he's a Perfect three-year-old?), I brought up a box. He lifts each figure carefully, and we label it a good guy or bad guy (of course we make it up; who can remember after 25 years?) I’ve been holding out, but next visit I look forward to seeing his eyes light up when we pull out the band that played in the bar where Obi Wan took Luke.  (On a cultural note, Alan has no self-consciousness about calling these his dolls.)

As for Luke and his unfortunate beheading, I discovered that Krazy Glue holds quite well as you can see below.  Would that we could all keep our minds just as eaily. 

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  1. Wish my mom had kept my collection. I had a real Princess Leia doll - doll size - and you could fix her hair into those buns!