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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Steel for the Win

First, I must apologize to everyone watching, betting on, spun up about the Super Bowl.  I can't make myself care.  I just can't.  However, my interest was peaked by this front age article staring at me from today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, right next to "Party Chiefs in Egypt Quit, but Regime Holds."  I know which article should gain more in-depth reading and analysis, but I also would bet on it being the other one that does.

That is the article that assures me that it is perfectly all right to pray for the Steelers to win the Super Bowl.  It's all right if you're Catholic or another flavor of Christianity; it's all right if you're Jewish; it's all right if you're Buddhist.  So.  Whew.  That's a relief.

And of all the things people pray for, silly and sinister, violent and self-indulgent, I believe, deep in my soul, that it must be a great relief to God to have people praying for a simple, home-side win.

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