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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Days

Here is my idea for a scientific experiment.  Take everyone's blood pressure as they deplane and get on the bus for Disney World.  Take it again, inside the park, after two days.  My hyposthesis is that the average (not the mean) blood pressure will have gone down by 10 points.  Sure, there'll be the grouch or two who spends the days alternately controlling and yelling at their children, but I bet that on the whole, people are just relaxed and happier than usual.  I'm telling ya, Walt was a genius.

PS  Would you cave and guy a granddaugter a two zillion piece "Polly Pockets" set of Jasmine with fifteen outfits?  If it included four pairs of teeny-tiny shoes?  I hope she decides something else is as good, but if not, well, I suppose cave I will.

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